Common Classes

Activity AlertDialog BigInteger Bitmap BufferedInputStream BufferedReader Bundle Button ByteArrayInputStream ByteArrayOutputStream ByteBuffer Calendar ContentResolver ContentValues Context Cursor Date Document Drawable EditText Editor Element Field File FileInputStream FileOutputStream Handler HttpResponse HttpURLConnection ImageView InputStream InputStreamReader Intent IntentFilter JSONArray JSONObject LayoutInflater LinearLayout ListView Matcher Method OnClickListener OutputStream PackageManager Paint PendingIntent Properties Random Rect Resources SQLiteDatabase Set SharedPreferences SimpleDateFormat TextView TypedArray URI URL Uri View

Common Methods

addAction addCategory addFlags addHeader addTab addView appendChild available beginTransaction build cancel clear commit connect containsKey create digest disconnect dismiss dispose draw edit end execute find findViewById format group height inflate initCause invoke list listFiles load matcher matches mkdirs moveToFirst moveToNext newLine nextInt open openConnection optString order parse query readLine readObject recycle register release reset show start toByteArray update width writeObject
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